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Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentines Day 1

Being as Valentines Day is coming up, I thought I would get a little head start. I had some skin colored paper so I decorated the top, (which is a bathing suit), with a pattern paper in pink and white with hearts. I used my decorative scissors to make a trim and put a pink bow in the middle. I stamped the little heart in pink and put a little jewel on top of it. I crocheted a chain with silver string, punched tiny holes for it to go through and tied a knot on the inside. Then I put a tiny red heart as a tattoo! LOL.
The bottom is the same paper and patterned paper. Then the decorative scissors for trim again with the pink bows. And of course a red heart tattoo.


  1. This is such a cool and cheeky project, Rannah!! Love it!! :)

  2. LOL these are awesome and sure to bring a smile to someones face! LOL
    (Hugs) Cara